Facebook Alternative that pays – Try Crediboo Now

Crediboo (aka: clustagram) is a Social Network initiative launched to reward its users for the time they spend online.
The business was recently launched by Nigerian born british entrepreneur and internet mogul Bukola Ogundipe, founder of a number of e-commerce website.

Our objective is to appreciate every internet user and treat them with utmost respect, dignity and due reward.

It has been ages since social Networks has been coming and going. Since all these while, Facebook has dominated the air.

Ok here is the new one,

Crediboo is more of a social network and a sure resource center, where you can earn lots of cash.
Unlike the senior counterpart, Crediboo will pay you for updating you timeline, posting pictures, earning likes on posts and photos, earning comments on posts and photos and lots more.

Ok, let me break it down.

₦50 when you sign up.

₦10 every month for staying active

₦5 per invite, for inviting your email contacts or anybody at all.

₦0.5 for every 1 comments you post

₦0.5 for every 1 status update you post

₦0.5 for every 1 Image you post

₦0.2 for every 1 unique advert click

₦0.2 for QUALIFIED pageload/pageview

Now to add up, you can chat with your friends too, create pages and above all, your data and information are kept descret as you so wish it.

You see? Now you will get paid for posting images and updating timelines.

Now what are you waiting for?

To sign up,  Click here on Crediboo

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